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The Last Day of Being 22

It feels just the same as another days in this year. Arrive at the office a bit late then do some work behind my computer. Discuss with user then train them to use the applications. Lunch meeting with my friend. Test applications. Run applications. Chit-chat with my girls. Etc etc etc..

It’s my last day of being 22. I loooove number 22 and it feels a bit weird not to be 22 anymore in a couple of hours. Oh yes, i’m getting older day by day but I just can’t realize it. Maybe that is what birthday for.. to remind you that time flies.

Time can play all sorts of tricks on you. In the blink of an eye, babies appear in carriages, coffins disappear into the ground, wars are won and lost, and children transform, like butterflies, into adults.”
Brian Selznick, The Invention of Hugo Cabret

 It’s has been a beautiful year. I’m finally got my bachelor degree at this 22. Then, I got my first job also in this year. Moved to Jakarta, took bigger responsibility to my family, made fnew friends, backpacker for the first time, and so on.. So many first-time experiences I had this year.. and I thank God for all of that. Sometimes, it needs a moment to look back everything you got, because this life and its routine could make you forget many things, even about who you are. I got this.

I don’t know why, but realizing this reminds me of Urashima-Taro. It is a story of a fisherman who helped a turtle torturing by a group of children. The next day, a huge turtle approaches him and tells him that the small turtle he had saved is the daughter of the Emperor of the Sea. The turtle magically gives Tarō gills and brings him to the bottom of the sea. There he meets the Emperor and the small turtle, who was now a lovely princess. Tarō stays there with her for a few days, but soon wants to go back to his village and see his aging mother. When he goes home, everything has changed. His home is gone, his mother has vanished, and the people he knew are nowhere to be seen. He asks if anybody knows a man called Urashima Tarō. They answer that they had heard someone of that name had vanished at sea long ago. He discovers that 300 years have passed since the day he left for the bottom of the sea.

They said Taro was seduced by a mysterious and magical things. It doesn’t need magic to do that. Life itself  could make you lose yourself and your purposes. The time you got it, it will be too late. Hopefully, I won’t be like Taro. Lost in time.. then realized everything sooo late. At this time, I can’t think of anything but grateful. This life has taught me not only about the sweet things but also the bitter ones. Maybe I will lost my self in this journey, but i believe there will be a way.. long journey of grace to find my self in His purpose.

Eben-ezer. Thus far God has helped us. He is The One who has guide me this far.. and He will do that again and again 🙂

Sooo.. good bye 22 ! Love you.. Give my greetings to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, and 21 😀


One comment on “The Last Day of Being 22

  1. Morentalisa
    March 29, 2012


    I’m wishing you a very blessed year ahead. Tetap semangat ya Seli dalam menjadi garam dan terang. Semoga Tuhan yang senantiasa pegang dan pimpin langkah Seli ke depannya, seperti yang telah Dia lakukan di tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

    Love you dear,
    Peluk sayang dari sini 🙂

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