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Culinary Travel: Makassar and Toraja

In the end of 2012, I went to Makassar and Toraja to spend my holiday. It is about 10 days.. so I have enough time to visit my families and also eat properly. Eat properly, yes.. because South Sulawesi is the home of some really nice food, you know. Eventhough I live in Kelapa Gading, which is full of food stall, it still can’t beat the original taste. Mark Twain said, “Part of the secret of success in life it to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside”. So, it is really important to eat your favorite food. Here is some good food that you sholdn’t miss when travel to South Sulawesi.

1. Mie Goreng Kanton

It is look a bit like I Fu Mie.. only it is tastes much better. Thick delicios sauce is poured unto really dry fried/roasted noodle. Usually people add some lime and chilli to make it better. The one I tried is in the restaurant called Ramayana in Jln. Lompobattang. It also sells really delicious siomay and bakpau. For moslems, you should ask for the ‘halal’ fillings of course 😀

mie goreng kanton

mie goreng kanton

2. Mie Pangsit

I think every place in Indonesia where Chinese is lived in has noodles as its traditional food. Also, people tend to think that their traditional noodles is the best.. like my friends from South Sumatra who think that Mie Pangsit Siantar is the best noodle ever. For me, it is the best Mie Pangsit I’ve ever taste. The noodles seasoned with some oil and sauce then the meat (pork or chicken) is added on the top of it. The noodles then served with delicious soup, dumplings, lime, chilli, and sesame oil. The one I tried is in the restaurant in Jln. Timor called Mie Pangsit 93. You can also find this delicious noodles in Jln. Lembeh.

mie pangsit

mie pangsit

3. Kapurung

Kapurung looks like a soup. It has sago jelly, vegetables, and fish in it. The taste is sour and spicy.. and it tastes really good when you eat it in the heat of Makassar.. sweating of course. You can get this delicious kapurung in the corner of Jln. Cenderawasih.



4. Pisang Epe

The banana is grilled, then it is punched a bit. The grilled-punched banan then served with durian sauce. There are a lot of pisang epe in Pantai Losari.. and it is good to eat it while enjoying the beautiful sunset there.

pisang epe

pisang epe original

pisang epe keju

pisang epe keju

5. Coto

This one is quite famous, right? It is like a soup with meat and offal in it. The spices are quite strong. The one I tried is near from my house.. in Jln. Lompobattang.



6. Pisang Ijo

As well as coto, this one is quite famous too. The banana coated in green pandan paste, then it is served with sauce and syroop. Beautiful dessert!

pisang ijo

pisang ijo

7. Pallubasa

Pallubasa looks like coto, but it has more coconut milk and served with coconut powder. The taste is quite different with coto, but if you like coto, you’ll like pallubasa as well. The one I tried is in Jln. Serigala.



8. Pallumara

Pallumara is a fish soup, but the soup coloured in yellow from the tumeric. The tastes is a bit sour. This one is delicious yet healthy choice!



9. Pa’piong

This is a traditional food from Toraja. The seasoned meat (pork or chicken) is being put in the bamboo, then the bamboo is grilled in bare fire. The taste is quite unique because it contains some certain leaves and spices in it.



10. Nyu’nyang

Nyu’nyang is Makassar’s meatball. The taste is quite strong.. and the shape of the meatball is quite different. Actually, you will know the difference with ordinary meatball once you taste it. The one I tried is in a restaurant called Atiraja, in Jln. G. Merapi.



11. Bakso Babi

Well, only for them who is allowed to eat it, this one is great too. Before I taste it, I don’t even believe that pork can turn into such a thing like meatball. But, actually it is nice. I add some lime and chilli of course in it. The one I tried is in a place called Alang-Alang.

bakso ba**

bakso ba**

Those are some of my favorite food. MUST TRY!

PS : In my opinion, all of those foods, except for the dessert, shold be added by some lime and chilli. These 2 spices are mandatory to be served on the table 😀

4 comments on “Culinary Travel: Makassar and Toraja

  1. Ndy
    January 13, 2013

    10 hari dan nda sempat ketemu saya?? hmmmmmmm…

    • Seli
      January 23, 2013

      ndak 10 hari juga ndiir.. setengahnya di kampuang toraja nan jauh di mato ka wuoi..
      lagian ndak enak ganggu bu dokter yg lg sibuk koas bela :p

  2. Winifred Haley
    January 20, 2013

    I think it tastes more like cow than anything else, but not quite like it. It’s a much milder flavor. If you have a ham (a certain cut of pork, cured and smoked) it’s a very salty meat. If you have a pork chop, it can be very bland. We usually put good sauces on them. I guess I could say that most pork is about halfway between cow and chicken, as far as taste goes. Some of the darker (fattier) pork tastes more like cow, while some of the lighter pork is closer to chicken. Other than a traditional ham once or twice a year, I don’t eat much pork. I don’t really like it. Personally, I say you’re not missing much.

    • Seli
      January 23, 2013

      talking about pork.. i think you’re right.. pork is quite like between chicken and cow. me too, don’t eat much pork. but i think, no matter you are using pork, chicken, cow, or anything else, the most important things are the spices and how you cook it. and that is the main point of my story! they are the key points that make the whole differences in our food 😀

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